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Join Employers Health's Chief Strategy Officer, Mike Stull, for our podcast on all things HR and employee benefits related. We'll cover your most frequently asked human resource questions, benefits best practices, our unique employer-led group purchasing program for pharmacy benefits management and more. We want this to be your podcast, with content that is relevant to you and your organization. Therefore, we invite you to submit questions or topics of interest that you would like covered in future podcasts.
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Nov 12, 2020

Join us as Mike Stull talks with Christian Moreno to hear his insights on the current state of employee benefits. Hear the newest trends and top priorities he's seeing from employee benefits professionals; how wellness, disease management, utilization, specialty and COVID-19 all play into stop loss management; and other health benefit developments. 

Oct 15, 2020

Hear from Right Direction co-director, Sean Godar, as he shares the latest developments and updates on Right Direction, a high-impact, turnkey initiative that raises awareness about depression and other mental health conditions in the workplace. He shares how employee benefits and HR professionals can utilize the initiative to provide free resources, tools and expert guidance on workplace mental health to help create a healthier and more engaged workforce.

Right Direction is an initiative from the American Psychiatric Association Foundation's Center for Workplace Mental Health and Employers Health, a professional benefits organization. Right Direction is supported by Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. (TPUSA) and Lundbeck U.S.

Aug 17, 2020

We recently interviewed Tracy Spencer, senior vice president of employer groups and strategic clients at Pharmaceutical Strategies Group, a leading pharmacy intelligence and technology company. In this episode Tracy shares opportunities for employers in the PBM marketplace, the latest plan design trends and developments including copay programs, needs-based programs and more. 



Jul 29, 2020

In this episode listeners will hear from Peggy West, director of compensation and benefits at Formica, and Rocke Blair, managing director at Sheridan Road Advisors, a HUB International Company, as they share how they've worked proactively to help employers and employees realize both the economic and health benefits of treating health and retirement benefits as one.

Jun 9, 2020

In this episode we'll cover questions from the audience including the affects of COVID-19 on the PBM industry, how pharmacy rebates work, how minimum rebate guarantees are determined and some of your most frequently asked questions about specialty pharmacy. 

Feb 13, 2020

We speak with Kelsey Dieters, a clinical pharmacist at Employers Health as she updates us on gene therapy, the latest in specialty pharmacy. She'll share what these drugs are, how they can help patients and what employers can do to mitigate the risk of these drug's often high price tag. 

If you'd like to learn more about gene therapy and what it could mean for your organization's employee benefit plan, join us March 18 at the PBM Conference where Matt Harman and Kelsey Dieters, from the EH clinical team will present Employers and Gene therapy, the Past, Present and Future.

Dec 17, 2019

Hear from Vice President of Account Management, Zach Hostetler, as he shares with our host what we’re hearing from member organizations including what they are focused on and benefit challenges they are anticipating in 2020 and beyond. He’ll also provide an update on our growing account management team and the resources they provide to member organizations and their benefit teams.

Aug 28, 2019

Dave Uldricks, vice president, PBM contracting and strategy, joins us to cover changes in the pharmacy benefit management industry and how they affect plan sponsors and their participants. Listeners will learn about the uniqueness of the Employers Health Annual Market Check and its importance in remaining competitive. 

Jun 26, 2019

In this episode our host, Mike Stull, will share a special announcement about a new PBM offering for Employers Health members. Hear from 2019 Excellence in Benefits Award Winner Rachelle Firestone as she shares what makes her career in employee benefits so rewarding and what she sees as the biggest challenge for benefits professionals today.

Also, don't forget to submit the keyword to enter to win a $50 Visa gift card. 

Sep 26, 2018

Learn about the latest in pharmacy innovations at CVS Health including real-time benefits, other technological advances and how members benefits from the long standing relationship between Employers Health and CVS Health. 

Aug 9, 2018

Learn how employers will benefit from Employers Health's new pharmacy residency program from Director of Pharmacy, Matt Harman, along with Kevin Wenceslao, pharmacy resident. They'll share the benefits of an on-site flu clinic, trends in pharmacy benefits and more. 

May 3, 2018

Hear from guest speakers Carol Harnett, a speaker, writer and health / disability consultant and from Pam Little, president/CEO of Blue Communications, and Bernie Knobbe, VP of global benefits at AECOM, as we join them live at the Health and Benefits Leadership Conference. They'll highlight what attendees can expect from their presentations at the upcoming Employers Health Innovations in Benefits Conference

Mar 23, 2018

Hear from Doug Nelson, vice president of compensation and benefits, at The Timken Company as he shares how the company is stepping forward to raise awareness of teen and adolescent suicide.

Jan 29, 2018

In this episode you'll hear from our CMO, Mike Stull, as he looks back on 2017 and shares what's ahead for the PBM industry in 2018. And, our host, Marcas Miles, will share real world examples of how employers use Right Direction to address depression in the workplace. 

Aug 21, 2017

Employers Health's Marcas Miles shares details, on Right Direction, a free initiative to help employers reduce the stigma around depression in the workplace. 

Jun 20, 2017

Employers Health's Marcas Miles talks with CEO Chris Goff about a new benefits strategy available to members and Marcas answers a listener's question about communicating with employees. 

Feb 8, 2017

Employers Health CMO Mike Stull updates benefits professionals on pharmacy trend, pricing models and what we've seen in terms of pharmacy benefits for 2016. 

Nov 22, 2016

Our November episode, features special guest, Garrett Brown, JD, associate counsel at Employers Health as he fills us in on fiduciary duties and related responsibilities of plan sponsors. 

Nov 22, 2016

David K. Jones, Ph.D., Andrew Kaplan and Gregory Young, DPM, participate in a Q&A session on health care under President-elect Trump at Employers Health's Presidential Prognosis on November 22, 2016 in Akron, Ohio. 


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Nov 22, 2016

Will it be a Better Way?

Gregory Young, DPM, Vice President, Government Relations, Medical Mutual of Ohio

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Nov 22, 2016

Pascal's Wager: Obamacare Politics in 2017

David K. Jones, PhD., Assistant Professor, Health Law, Policy and Management, Boston University

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Nov 22, 2016

Andrew Kaplan, Vice President, Government Affairs, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

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Sep 29, 2016

Hear from Employers Health's Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Stull, on topics including the drivers of pharmacy trend, an update on pharmacy trend for the first half of 2016, news and notes on the PBM marketplace and more. Mike will also provide an update on upcoming Employers Health events and how your organization can benefit from them. 

Aug 15, 2016

Listen to learn from Employers Health's Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Stull, and his guest, Matt Harman, Director, Clinical Pharmacy Strategies. Matt will discuss specialty drugs and what employers can do to manage costs. We'll also cover the various types of private exchanges and what we can expect from them. We'll share the importance creating a positive working environment through wellness programs. Finally, we'll highlight one of our featured vendor partners, Delta Dental.

Jul 7, 2016

Listen to learn from Employers Health's Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Stull, what a Market Check and Pricing Improvement Analysis is, how it works and what it means for your business. In this episode, we'll cover PBM contracting, the various vendors including CVS Caremark, OptumRx, the various aspects of pharmacy benefits and more.

We'll also highlight one of our featured vendor partners, ComPsych, and its GuidanceResources EAP.